Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sleight: The Glide

The Glide is a very common sleight that is only found in card tricks, simply because it has no aesthetic effect or purpose in a flourish performance. It is a move used for card control, and for falsifying card placement. The Glide is one of the easier card sleights, and only takes no more than five attempts to master. 

The Glide is done by placing your thumb on the bottom most card of the deck. Then, slowly slide your thumb back, taking the bottom card with it. This should reveal the second to last card, like the image above (All this should be done while the deck is upside down so the spectator doesn't see any of these secrets). Now, you can start dealing all the cards starting from the second to last card (in this case the King of Clubs). It is used in a context where the spectator asks to stop dealing and the bottom card ends up being the spectator's, because in reality, the bottom card stays on your thumb, and you are actually dealing all the cards on top of it.

Flourish: The Fan

The card fan is a move used in many card flourishes and card tricks alike, simply because it looks fabulous when done correctly, and the fact that it is extremely easy to do. However, the fan doesn't work with many cards such as plastic cards, which do not have an air cushion because it doesn't allow the cards to slide smoothly.

Like I said, there is a very simple technique to this move. You have to place your thumb on the bottom center of the top of the deck, and then place your index and middle finger on the underside of the deck, parallel to the short side of the deck. Now, with the index finger or thumb of your other hand, run along the side of the deck from left to right (or right to left if you are left handed) until all the cards are in a nice fan. It takes a bit of practice placing your fingers in the right place, but this is definitely one of the easiest flourishes that can be performed. I know these instructions are somewhat difficult to follow, but there are various youtube tutorials that will work.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Flourish: The Spring

Springing a deck of cards isn't seen as often in card flourishes as the well-known 2 Handed Cut, however is sometimes done as a finisher to add a bit of aesthetic value to the performance (not that is has enough already). In case you didn't get my sarcasm, I'm simply saying this move is absolutely pointless. It doesn't do anything except look epic. Regardless, it is a very simple move that is a great crowd pleaser, and a definite must-to-learn for amateur card flourishers.

Like I said, it is very simple to do, and there are multiple holds that can be used. I will explain the most simple one. One has to hold the deck horizontally, with the thumb on one short side, and the middle finger on the other short side. Naturally, your index finger will fall on the center of the deck, which can be used to stabilize the deck. Advanced flourishers might even press against one side of the deck with their index finger to change the direction of the cards when they are springing. Now, once you have your fingers positioned, you have to press on the deck, kind of like an attempt to bring the 2 fingers together. Eventually, you will press to the point where your thumb and middle finger no longer are touching the cards on the bottom, and in succession, they will quickly fly out from underneath. Performing this fluently takes some practice, because sometimes the cards can fly in spontaneous locations.


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